• Experience Topkon quality at your corporate events..

    It is our specialty to create theme corporate events that are directed to raise performance and motivate your team. These events are designed by a professional team of experts in order to increase the motivation level and working performance of your teams and are aimed to follow your main strategies. These events are the art of creativity supported by the visual s and quality of the service. Topkon Incentive is always with you during the process to make it unforgettable.
  • We plan your business trips at the best alternative.

    Our team presents special vacation programs covering all your needs and more. These vacation programs are both planned for individuals or close groups; reflecting the way you want to travel in a very luxury way. Travel tips, accommodation, transfers and flights are all planned for you.
  • Feel your event by 3D before you make it ..

    We intend to take you to your event before you even book it. Our design team presents many alternatives of stage and event area designs at our main presentation. Designs are performed by 3 dimension programs; which lead you to experience the most actual. By this way more accurate project choices and budgets are able to be made.